Así fue: Anti-colonial Narrative in Alejo Carpentier's Concierto barroco and Reinaldo Arenas’s El mundo alucinante

  • Sophia A. McClennen Penn State University
Keywords Colonialism, Anti-colonialism
Keywords Colonialism, Anti-colonialism


Analysis of anti-colonial narrative in Alejo Carpentier's and Reinaldo Arenas' novels.

Author Biography

Sophia A. McClennen, Penn State University
Sophia McClennen is Associate Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies in Comparative Literature at Penn State University. She writes on Latin American literature and film and critical theory. Her first book, The Dialectics of Exile: Nation, Time, Language and Space in Hispanic Literatures (Purdue University Press) was published this fall (2003). Her second book, Ariel Dorfman: An Aesthetics of Hope, is forthcoming from Duke University Press.
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