Los Programas de Radomiro Tomic y Salvador Allende, como expresiones de una articulación discursiva populista

  • Claudio Riveros Universidad de Talca


This article focuses on the main element, verifying the beginning of a Populist Process: the populist discourse. However, the analysis is not limited to the discourse itself, but explains why this discourse is the expression of a populist moment, in particular, the hegemonic crisis that began to take shape in the sixties and that resulted in the 1973 military coup. In this sense, here are analyzed the speeches outlined by two candidates to the presidential chair of 1970: Radomiro Tomic, candidate of the Democracia Cristiana, and Salvador Allende, standard-bearer of the Unidad Popular respectively. It will be shown that both platforms constructed populist discourses, that aimed to re-signify the reality of the moment in terms of greater political participation and the attempt of a profound modification of the prevailing development model. In fact, it is observed how in the discourse, the different economic and political demands that emerged and unified after a significant void (revolution), opposed the people behind a leader against a minority (local and foreign) considered oppressive and causing their misfortunes.

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