Travelers in the Margins: Post-dictatorship, Economic Reform and Solidarity in João Gilberto Noll’s <em>Hotel Atlântico</em> and Osvaldo Soriano’s <em>Una sombra ya pronto serás</em>

  • Jennie Irene Daniels Olivet Nazarene University
Keywords Solidarity, Post-dictatorship, Space, Neoliberalism, Marginalization
Keywords Solidarity, Post-dictatorship, Space, Neoliberalism, Marginalization


In the wake of the Argentine and Brazilian dictatorships of the late twentieth century, Osvaldo Soriano and João Gilberto Noll explored their respective national climates and critiqued past authoritarian regimes through fiction. As the protagonists of Soriano’s Una sombra ya pronto serás and Noll’s Hotel Atlântico travel, space is portrayed as increasingly limited, which represents the constriction of their economic and social potential in nations that increasingly favored international corporate interests. However, each work suggests solidarity as a tool to navigate the changing reality of the transition to democracy in these nations.

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Jennie Irene Daniels, Olivet Nazarene University

Jennie Irene Daniels is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Modern Languages at Olivet Nazarene University

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