Encuentros, trayectorias y perspectivas sobre la obra Clarice Lispector


  • Martha Patricia Reveles Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México


Clarice Lispector, A paixão segundo G.H., Água viva


The purpose of this text is to present my work dedicated to Clarice Lispector. A section of this essay is to summarize my first encounters with her texts, when I was an undergraduated student at the Facultad de Filosfia y Letras at UNAM, when I took a course about History, Culture and Art in Latin America, from April to Agust, 1997, and also when I attended an special course to celebrate the 500 year sof the discovery of Brazil at the same institution. This last event made me study Portuguese, which latter help me to read A paixão segundo G.H. by Lispector, that was the main subject of my Bacherlor's degree dissertation. As a consequence, in the article I adress the specificities of that academic text, where I focused on the languages and the sacred, and their peculiar relationship with the Bible. My Bachelor's dissertation took me to pursue a Master's degree on Comparative Literature, at UNAM, where I developed a dissertation about two novels, Água viva, another work by Lispector, and Farabeuf, by the Mexican writer Salvador Elizondo, and the relationships of those two novels with other arts to represent Time. Also I adress how and why the works by Lispector can be studied from a comparative perspective, which is my actual field of research. The last part of the article is about two academic events dedicated to Lispector on October, 2011, and August, 2018.



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Nuestra Clarice: Un proyecto latinoamericano