Transmigraciones y desaparición del trabajo en dos novelas latinoamericanas recientes

  • Betina Keizman Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Keywords Disappearing Work, service, inmaterial work, Mike Wilson, Yuri Herrera, literature and labor
Keywords Disappearing Work, service, inmaterial work, Mike Wilson, Yuri Herrera, literature and labor


This essay questions two novels - Leñador o las ruinas continentales (2013) from the north American-Argentinian and Chilean writer Mike Wilson and La transmigración de los cuerpos (2013) from the Mexican Yuri Herrera – that explore border or almost erased areas of the work in the contemporary societies, what we could call its last occurrence grade (or fading),  as well as the mutations those changes push on the social, economic and vital  imagination field. On one hand, the work resources appear as a service, a paradigm of the new millennium in terms of production of immateriality/production of meanings. On the other hand, those narrations also tell about the handicraft work and the gaze as escape ways from the systematic colonization of the individual experience. Moreover, both novels reconsiders and tests the artistic work logics in current times.


Author Biography

Betina Keizman, Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Betina Keizman has a degree in Latin American Literature from the Univeristy of Buenos Aires (UBA) and a PhD in Literature from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México(UNAM). As a result of a research project on film-literature Intermedialitybetween 1915 and 1940, she has edited with Constanza Vergara Profundidad de campo. Des/encuentros cine-literatura en Latinoamérica. Currently, she conducts research on forms-of-life, community, and poetics in recent narratives in Chile, Mexico, and Argentina. She teaches in the Department of Language and Literature at Alberto Hurtado University. Among other articles, he has published: “Las dinámicas de lo viviente: repetición, supervivencia y vidas potenciales”, “Mujeres que no van al cine”, “Las vidas que transcurren”(a reading of the performance “Campo de Mayo” by Félix Bruzzone ). She is the author of the fiction books Zaira y el profesor (Beatriz Viterbo, 1999), El museo de los niños (Progreso, 2007), Los restos (Alquimia, 2014), and Recurso de amparo (La Pollera, 2018).

Dossier: El cuerpo del trabajo: Fuerza