Inteligencia artificial, poesía y una realidad móvil en Playstation (2009) de Cristina Peri Rossi

  • Martín Sueldo University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill


This article focuses on the book of poems Playstation (2009) by Cristina Peri Rossi and its aesthetic representation of a cultural and historical shift. This essay proposes a close and analytical reading of several cultural marks within Peri Rossi’s poetic text: Playstation, Google, Amazon, and Post-Marxism are marks of a cultural change and a new frame for writers and researches who approach Latin American Literature in the 21st century. Hence, this group of poems entails mainly two innovations. The first one is on the poetic language, not only new words and a digital transformation in the culture are integrated into her poetic vision, but also the poet fosters an ironic tone and perspective regarding Contemporary History. The second is the representation of a critical change in the status of literature and professional writing.  Together, these innovations display new social and cultural dynamics, which ultimately lead to the questioning and exploration of the very concept of Postmodernism.

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