Jicotencal, an Enigma is Solved

  • Maria Helena Barrera-Agarwal Independent scholar
Keywords Jicotencal; Cayetano Lanuza; Lanuza, Mendía & Cía; William Stavely; Pierre-Étienne Du Ponceau; William Cullen Bryant; George Folsom; Frederick Huttner; José Luis Casaseca; book printing; book publishing; New York; Philadelphia


For almost two centuries, the author and the editors of the first historical novel written in Spanish, Jicotencal, have remained unnamed. This article identifies the author as Cayetano Lanuza, and the true editors of the book, as the New York firm of Lanuza, Mendía & Cía, on the basis of documentary evidence.

Por casi dos centurias, el autor y los editores de la primera novela histórica escrita en español, Jicotencal, han permanecido en el misterio. El presente artículo identifica a su autor, Cayetano Lanuza, y a los verdaderos editores de la novela, la firma neoyorquina de Lanuza, Mendía & Cía, en base a evidencia documental.

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