Esos malditos meneos. La homosexualidad en la corridística mexicana

  • Juan Carlos Ramirez-Pimienta San Diego State University - Imperial Valley


While the corrido as a genre is often considered to be the voice of the people, the voice of the oppressed or the panegyric voice of powerful drug traffickers, the genre does not have an intrinsic ideology. It can, and it has been used both to disseminate the voice to oppressed people and to oppress others. In this essay I trace the corpus of homosexual themed corridos and narcocorridos since the early 20th century up to the present. This I do in a context of a meta-theme that has interested me since long: the corrido protagonist and its evolution and transformation. Within this umbrella topic, what has received more attention is the drug trafficker as corrido protagonist. In this essay I propose that just in the same way that the norteno corrido is providing a re semantization of a female protagonist with more agency, the norteno corrido is beginning to portray homosexual protagonists that are not depicted in a parodic way or made fun of, but as protagonists with agency and endowed with positive attributes.

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Juan Carlos Ramirez-Pimienta, San Diego State University - Imperial Valley

Professor Spanish Department

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