A Politics Frozen in Time

  • Robert L. Smale University of Missouri--Columbia


Review of Goodale, Mark and Nancy Postero, eds. Neoliberalism, Interrupted: Social Changeand

Contested Governance in Contemporary Latin America. Stanford:Stanford University Press,




Robert L. Smale is associate professor of History at the University of Missouri-Columbia. His first book “I Sweat the Flavor of Tin”: Labor Activism in Early Twentieth-Century Bolivia appeared in 2010 published by the University of Pittsburgh Press.

SMALE, Robert L.. A Politics Frozen in Time. A Contracorriente: una revista de estudios latinoamericanos, [S.l.], v. 14, n. 3, p. 312-317, mayo 2017. ISSN 1548-7083. Disponible en: <https://acontracorriente.chass.ncsu.edu/index.php/acontracorriente/article/view/1675>. Fecha de acceso: 21 feb. 2018
Reviews: Neoliberalism and its Alternatives

Palabras clave

Neoliberalism; the pink tide; Latin America