Documentary Turns in Latin America

  • Lisa DiGiovanni Keene State College
Keywords Latin American film, Latin American documentaries
Keywords Latin American film, Latin American documentaries


Review of María Guadalupe Arenillas and Michael J. Lazzara, eds. Latin American Documentary Film in the New Millennium. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2016.

Author Biography

Lisa DiGiovanni, Keene State College

Lisa DiGiovanni is Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages at Keene State College and affiliated faculty with Women’s and Gender Studies. Her area of specialization includes 20th-21st century Spanish Peninsular and Latin American literature and film from a transnational perspective, with an emphasis on the relationship between memory, nostalgia and identity. Her scholarship focuses on how writers and filmmakers have grappled with the legacies of dictatorial violence in Spain and Chile, as well as the loss of leftist collectivities that characterized the periods of the Second Republic and the Popular Unity.

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