Towards a History of Opposition to U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America


  • Edward L. Cleary Providence College


Imperialism, History, Latin America, U.S. Foreign Policy


Review of James N. Green's We Cannot Remain Silent: Opposition to the BrazilianMilitary Dictatorship in the United States.

Author Biography

Edward L. Cleary, Providence College

Edward Cleary es profesor de Ciencia Política y director del Programa deEstudios Latinoamericanos en Providence College. Es autor de numerososartículos y libros sobre religión y derechos humanos en América Latina. Entre susprincipales publicaciones están Conversion of a Continent: ContemporaryReligious Change in Latin America (2008) y Resurgent Voices in Latin America:Indigenous Peoples, Political Mobilization, and Religious Change (2004), ambosco-editados con Timothy J. Steigenga; Mobilizing for Human Rights in LatinAmerica (2007), The Struggle for Human Rights In Latin America (1997), yPower, Politics, and Pentecostals in Latin America (1996), co-editado conHannah W. Stewart-Gambino.



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