Escenas de la vida moderna: Alfonsina Storni’s Cultural Revolution

  • Brantley Nicholson University of Richmond
Keywords Alfonsina Storni, Argentina, poetry, newspaper articles
Keywords Alfonsina Storni, Argentina, poetry, newspaper articles


Review of Alfonsina Storni: Un libro quemado by (eds.) Mariela Méndez, Graciela Queirolo, and Alicia Salomone (Buenos Aires: Editorial Excursiones, 2014).

Author Biography

Brantley Nicholson, University of Richmond
Brantley Nicholson received his Ph.D in Latin American Literature from Duke University and is currently a Visiting Lecturer of Spanish at the University of Richmond.  His expertise lies in Colonial, modern and contemporary Latin American literature and cultural studies, comparative cultural theory and ideas of citizenship and Globalization in Latin America.  He has edited two books, El último gramático de América Latina: Ensayos críticos sobre Fernando Vallejo, co-edited with Juanita Aristizabal (Cuadernos de Literatura, forthcoming Fall 2014) and The Generation of ’72: The Forced Global Citizens of Latin America, co-edited with Sophia McClennen (Raleigh, NC: A Contracorriente Press, 2013).